Cookies are small text files, which can be sent to your browser during a visit of a website and stored in your device (computer or other device with internet access, such as smartphone or tablet). Thanks to the file, the website stores information on your steps and preferences for a certain time so that you need not provide them again the next time you visit the site or when browsing its individual pages.

Cookies are stored in the folder for your browser's files. Cookies usually contain the name of the web site, which they were sent from, the lifetime and a value. The next time you visit the site, the web browser will again download the cookies and send the information back to the website, which originally created the cookies. Cookies used by this portal do not make any harm to your computer or other device with internet access.

Use of cookies

To provide better services of the portal www.majetokstatu.sk operated by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, the portal uses cookies in compliance with the browser setting. If after connecting to this portal, cookies are enabled in your web browser, the portal's operator will consider it the acceptance of these conditions regulating the use of cookies. You can make a change of cookies in your web browser, see the procedure in the "help" section of every web browser.

Cookies are either persistent or session cookies. The session cookies are stored in your device until you leave the page. The persistent cookies remain in your device until the expiry of their lifetime or until they are manually deleted. The period, during which this portal keeps the information, depends on the type of cookies.

How do we use cookies?

On the portal www.majetokstatu.sk, we use only third-party cookies.

The portal contains the interconnection and integrated content from other web pages – e.g. the use of the Google Maps service from Google for locating the properties. Therefore, when you browse the portal, cookies can be created that are not under operator's control. It results in receiving cookies from third-party services. The operator cannot have control over the storage of or access to such cookies. If you want to know how the third parties use cookies, you need to get familiarised with the privacy protection principles and principles of using cookies of these services or their providers.